“Why is it called The Hamster Village?” you ask. The short answer is that hamsters are a great example of how our society could, and should work. Have you ever seen a group of hamsters in the same enclosure?

Think about how many configurations of color are represented in there; there are brown hamsters, white hamsters, even hamsters with spots. Now think about how peaceful they appeared in that enclosure. Did you see tiny hamster signs promoting segregation? Did you see tiny walls to keep certain hamsters away from the water bottle? Betting you didn’t; they were living in harmony despite looking different on the outside. If hamsters can do that, why can’t we? Why is it so hard for us to get past our outward appearance?

Actually there are people living like that, we just don’t talk about them much, but we will on The Hamster Village. If you’re in an interracial relationship, this podcast is for you! Listen to everyday people, just like you, voice concerns & experiences that you yourself have wanted to talk about.

If you are not in an interracial relationship, this podcast is for you. Have you ever wondered how interracial couples make it work? How much are they like the relationships that you are involved in? Don’t go off of stereotypes you’ve heard from bar patrons, get the info from the source. The Hamster Village; there’s a little bit of something for everyone.

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"The Hamster Village?"

The Hamster Village:

A podcast about Interracial Relationships