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The Hamster Village

The goal of The Hamster Village is to create entertaining content, while facilitating a sense of community for multiracial couples & individuals, and cultivate understanding for those outside of the multiracial community. Basically, adding another opportunity for everyone to come together & understand each other better. Click below to see how you can join the discussion.

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"The Hamster Village"

Each episode brings a new couple, or individual, with many different perspectives & personal experiences. So it is only fitting to have different ways to hear those stories. There are a number of ways you can listen to The Hamster Village episodes. Click below to find which one fits you best.


The Hamster Village:

A podcast about Interracial Relationships
So why call it 'The Hamster Village?' The short answer is "the domain name was wide open!" The longer answer is that we think hamsters are a great metaphor for the way race relations COULD be. The Click below to see what we are talking about.