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No one has to say it, you already know. Race is a powerful force that governs a great deal of our everyday lives; where we live, who we associate with, even how we view the world around us. Don’t take our word for it look at any aspect of the media. 

Everywhere you look, you are being bombarded with images, images meant to highlight all the different ways we are divided along racial lines. One right after the other, it’s like constantly being slapped in the face with pages of your grandparent’s high school yearbook. What we need is something different, something refreshing; instead of how races are being pulled apart, how about some examples of how they are coming together? Luckily, there is The Hamster Village.

The Hamster Village is a podcast about interracial relationships. In each episode includes an interview with multiracial couples, and individuals, about their experiences. We also look at the historical and sociological aspects of interracial couples with professionals in fields pertaining to race. 

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The Hamster Village:

A podcast about Interracial Relationships